Christie Makes Last Minute Pitch to N.H. Voters

Feb 9, 2016

After nearly 80 town halls in New Hampshire this Primary campaign, Chris Christie wrapped up his final one in Manchester Monday night.

The New Jersey Governor is hoping his tireless campaigning and strong debate performance on Saturday will pay off at the polls.

When Chris Christie took the mic during his last town hall in Manchester, he entered a room with plenty of undecided voters.

And before he exited  – he swayed at least one voter in his direction: Bill Tidd of Alton. “Are you considering anyone else or just me or Bush?,” Christie asked after answering Tidd's question regarding national security. “It’s pretty much - he didn’t answer the question,” Tidd said of Republican candidate Jeb Bush. “I’m a winner than aren’t I?,” Christie asked. “You’re ahead," Tidd said laughing. 

This kind of face-to-face interaction– has been Christie’s strategy these past nine months. He’s hoping it will be enough to propel him to a strong finish in New Hampshire.

“I got a flight scheduled for South Carolina on Wednesday morning – I intend to take it," Christie told the crowd.  "But I want to take it with a 100 mph tail wind from New Hampshire.”

Although Christie has been lagging in the polls, he’s recently got some steam from a strong debate performance on Saturday when he attacked Senator Marco Rubio for being too scripted.

Christie told voters that performance shows he’s the best candidate to lead the Republican ticket.

“I hope you watched the debate on Saturday night. I’ll tell you what the debate should - I hope - told the people of New Hampshire and the people of America – I’m ready to beat Hillary Clinton and I’m ready to be the President of the United States," Christie said as the crowd cheered.

The New Jersey Governor ended his last day on the campaign trail with stops in Hudson, Hampstead and Manchester.