Christie Joins Lamontagne In Exeter; Women Rally With Hassan In Concord

Oct 25, 2012

Chris Christie joined Ovide Lamontagne and former N.H. governors John Sununu, Steve Merrill and Craig Benson for a rally last night in Maggie Hassan’s home town of Exeter. All urged the audience to work hard in the final 13 days of the election. Chris Christie argued that democrats' only weapon against Lamontange is fear.

'So what they are going to try to do is scare you about Ovide. They are going to try to tell you you can’t trust him to be governor. You’ve seen all the dopey ads she’s running that doin have anything to do with NH's future."

Maggie Hassan, meanwhile, rallied women at the statehouse. Hassan said electing Lamontange would erode freedom for women and hurt the economy.

"It matters that Ovide would sign laws that take rights away from women. It matters that Ovide would sign bills that would allow let insurance plan drop coverage for birth control. It matters that Ovide would sign bills to defund "Planned Parenthood."

National Planned Parenthood president Cecile Richard appeared alongside Hassan yesterday. She predicted that the GOP-controlled state legislature’s attempts to limit abortion and contraception rights will help Hassan, President Obama as well as Congresssional candidates Carol Shea Porter and Ann McLane Kuster on election day. Recent polls from UNH show each democratic candidate leading their GOP rival among women voters; President Obama’s margin, 23 points, is the largest.