Chris Sununu Faces Criticism at GOP Gubernatorial Debate

Jul 28, 2016

Republican gubernatorial candidate Chris Sununu continues to draw fire from his rivals. During a debate on WGIR radio Wednesday morning, Republican Frank Edelblut said Sununu's Executive Council vote to fund Planned Parenthood was not conservative. Sununu defended his vote.

“Are we going to have leaders that stand up and vote for constituents over politics? That’s what this is really about. And for all the other candidates to come up here and play political games with it…I think that’s absolutely ridiculous. I’ve always fought for my constituents.”

But Manchester Mayor Ted Gatsas took aim at Sununu for his controversial comments about a lack of leadership in the opioid crisis.

“Chris you talk about playing political games, but here you are playing political games with lives of people who are dying from this crisis of opiates.”

Fellow Republican Jeanie Forrester called on Sununu to take back his remarks, calling them "irresponsible."

Democratic gubernatorial candidates are set to debate on August 10th. The state primaries are September 13th.