Chickens In Your Backyard

Jun 19, 2019

With the boom in backyard chickens, New Hampshire cities and towns are trying to balance this trend with regulations aimed at safety and neighborhood peace. What have you seen in your town? We discuss the how-tos, the rules, and what raising backyard chickens means for people and their communities. 


  • Elaina Enzien - Dairy, Livestock & Forage Crops Field Specialist at the UNH Cooperative Extension. 
  • Margaret Byrnes - Executive Director for the New Hampshire Municipal Association. 
  • Shawn Jasper - Commissioner of the N.H. Department of Agriculture, Markets, and Food. 

Additional Resources:

 UNH Cooperative Extension Resources for Backyard Livestock has guides and information about workshops. 

Prescott Farm Environmental Education Center has workshops for keeping chickens. 

The N.H. Municipal Association has an overview on state regulations about raising chickens and other livestock

The N.H. Dept. of Agriculture has a list of laws around livestock and agriculture

Here's more information about lead contamination concerns for urban chickens.