Carfentanil Arrests on the Rise in New Hampshire

Jun 28, 2017

The New Hampshire Attorney General’s Office says it’s investigating more than three dozen cases involving the deadly synthetic drug carfentanil – seven of which have led to indictments.

Carfentanil, an elephant tranquilizer, was first found to be in the state in late April and law enforcement officials say it’s still here. The drug is much more potent than heroin or fentanyl. Experts say a flake of carfentanil could be lethal.

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The majority of New Hampshire’s 36 carfentanil cases are in the central southern part of the state. But Associate Attorney General Jane Young says the drug is not being manufactured here. It’s coming either from across state borders or overseas through the internet.

Those found with carfentanil, Young says, should beware. “The message that we have: It’s here, it’s deadly and we will prosecute you.”

There have been six confirmed carfentanil overdose deaths in the state.