With Capital Budget Signed, Women's Prison Moves Ahead

Jul 10, 2013

As of Tuesday, $245 million dollars in capital projects are on the way in New Hampshire, now that Governor Maggie Hassan signed the capital budget into law. The biggest line item in that budget is a $38 million dollar new women’s prison.

The prison will be located next to the mens’ prison, in Concord.   Jeff Lyons with the Department of Corrections says that’s for certain.  But what the prison will look like, and who will build it? That, Lyons says, is yet to be decided:

Just the preliminaries have begun, we’ve begun sending letters of interest to potential contractors and potential architects, to see what kind of interest there is out there,  RFPs – requests for proposals -- are going to be posted so people can bid on the project.

Lyons says the state will award a contract to an architectural firm in September.  Crews are likely to break ground in April 2015, completing the prison by October 2016.