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'Bugs Bunny' Numbers: Mega Millions Jackpot Soars to $1.6 Billion

Oct 20, 2018

The Mega Millions jackpot has increased Friday to $1 billion.
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No one hit the Mega Millions jackpot Friday night. With the rollover, the jackpot has soared to $1.6 billion.

The next drawing is Tuesday.

The numbers drawn last night: 



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With tonight's Mega Millions jackpot now at $1 billion, the New Hampshire Lottery expects each of its 1,400 retailers on average  to soon be selling three or four tickets a minute.


Lottery Director Charlie McIntyre says customers should anticipate longer lines at rush hour at the cashier terminals.



“For us, this is always like, these are Bugs Bunny numbers. The amount of cash involved in so massive," he said. “It’s the second largest ever. Second largest jackpot in the history of the world.”


He discussed the Mega Millions jackpot at the Mobile Mart on Loudon Road in Concord. A ticket machine behind him flashed the Mega Millions jackpot estimate, along with the Powerball jackpot for Saturday night - now at $470 million. 


Lottery officials say a rising tide lifts all boats, using that old saying to show how Mega Millions is helping sales of other games of chance. 


The Lottery is also fielding numerous calls from interested lottery players. McIntyre noted one Bay Stater asked about New Hampshire's lack of a state income tax as somehow a factor in their ticket strategy.


"Folks already envisioning the win -- which is fun to think about, but we hope they play responsibly," he says.


Tonight's drawing is at 11 p.m.


The New Hampshire Lottery has sold more than $2.6 million in Mega Million tickets this week. McIntyre welcomes the attention, but the jackpot soaring to $1 billion has proven problematic in one sense: at least two billboards that advertise the jackpot ran out of digits.