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Brown Offers Rebuttal Ad On Abortion Bill

Oct 8, 2014

The US Senate campaigns of Jeanne Shaheen and Scott Brown continue to battle over Brown’s record on abortion.

Screenshot of Scott Brown's ad rebutting one released by the Shaheen campaign
Credit via YouTube

A day after Jeanne Shaheen’s campaign aired an ad highlighting a Scott Brown’s sponsorship of  2005 bill in the Massachusetts legislature that sought to imposed a 24-waiting period for abortion and require women to be provided with images of fetus, the Brown campaign was up with an ad of his own.

It features Brown speaking right into the camera.

“I want you to know the facts. I’m pro-choice and I support continued funding for Planned Parenthood and I believe women should have access to contraception.”

The Brown campaign also launched a petition drive calling on Shaheen to take down her ad.

Abortion rights groups, meanwhile, took aim at Brown’s ad, which is airing on WMUR, on Cable and on Boston stations. Planned Parenthood called Brown’s ad misleading.

Massachusetts State Senate President Therese Murray also traveled to New Hampshire to criticize Brown. She served with Brown when he sponsored the so-called women’s right to know law. The Democrat disputed Brown’s claim that his intention with that bill was to encourage adoption.