Brady Sullivan to Pay $90,000 for Exposing Tenants to Lead | New Hampshire Public Radio

Brady Sullivan to Pay $90,000 for Exposing Tenants to Lead

Feb 28, 2017

Brady Sullivan Properties, one of New Hampshire's biggest developers, will pay a fine for violating federal lead paint laws. 

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, Brady Sullivan did not disclose the existence of chipping lead paint to tenants of Mill West in Manchester before they moved in. Then the landlord exposed tenants to lead dust from a construction site below apartments.

Now the developer will pay the EPA about $90,000. Kurt Milligan, whose wife was pregnant when she was exposed to lead at Mill West, is unimpressed.

"For a company that size? $90,000?' Milligan said. "That's like a drop in the bucket. Like it's not even going to [deter] them from doing it in the future."

This case isn't over for Brady Sullivan. Milligan and other tenants are suing the developer. And public records indicate the EPA opened an investigation into Brady Sullivan and a contractor for allegedly dumping toxic debris from Mill West at another location. EPA has declined to comment on that case.