Bottled Water Distribution Continues Monday in Litchfield

Apr 11, 2016

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Credit Steven Depolo/Flickr

Distribution of bottled water continues Monday for residents of Merrimack and Litchfield whose wells may be contaminated with the chemical known as PFOA.

The state is offering a month’s worth of water to all 400 homeowners within a one-mile radius of the Saint-Gobain Plastics Plants in Merrimack.

State environmental officials say the plant is the likely source of high levels of PFOA that’s been found in nearby wells.

Distribution of water began Sunday, and continues Monday at the Litchfield Transfer Station between noon and 7 p.m.

Twenty-six private wells in that area have tested for high levels for PFOA. It’s a chemical used in the creation of Teflon that some studies have linked to certain types of cancer.

Additional test results are expected to be released this week.