Boston Marathon Bombings: Granite Staters Reflect

Apr 14, 2014

On April fifteenth, two bombs exploded close to the finish line, of one of the world’s most prestigious races. Many from New Hampshire were running, cheering, or working at the event.  We’re talking with a roundtable of Granite Staters about their memories and thoughts over the past year, and what’s changed.

Credit Carlos Silva / Flickr/CC


  • Karen Brassard – Nashua mother of two who was seriously injured during the Boston Marathon bombings, along with her husband and daughter.
  • Keith Shieldsexecutive producer for NHPR’s Exchange. He will be running his 16th consecutive Boston Marathon this year. He had finished the race when the bombs went off, but has many friends who were closer to the finish line.
  • Sam Shields – New Hampshire runner. He was running his first Boston Marathon last year, and was stopped only a half-mile from the finish line when the bombs went off. He is running again this year to finish the race.


  • Andy Schachat – A longtime road race announcer who writes a running column for the New Hampshire Sunday News.  Andy was reporting at the Marathon and was close to the finish line when the bombs went off. He will be reporting the event again this year.