Black Bear Spotted and Killed in Downtown Nashua

Jul 4, 2017

Credit Michael Webber via Flickr CC

A wild black bear was shot and killed in downtown Nashua late last night.

It was one of those long summer evenings, on a holiday weekend. At 9 pm some children were still out playing in city parks, a collegiate baseball game was wrapping up at Holman Stadium, and a 250 pound black bear was roaming around downtown.

Lieutenant Tom Bolton of the Nashua Police Department says the bear was spotted off Amherst and Merrimack Street.  That’s a densely populated part of the city, and he says officials felt they had no choice but to put the animal down, for public safety.

“It’s highly abnormal for bears to be roaming in Nashua – furthermore I cannot recall an instance where a bear has been in the downtown area,” Bolton said.

Bear sightings have been making the news this summer in New Hampshire. Officials in Nashua don’t expect this to happen again, but they advise residents to be cautious.