Biotech, Bobcats, & Batteries: New Hampshire Science Stories of the Year | New Hampshire Public Radio

Biotech, Bobcats, & Batteries: New Hampshire Science Stories of the Year

Jan 4, 2017

 We discuss the top stories in science, technology, the environment and energy in New Hampshire:  a new biotech manufacturing institute in Manchester; Dyn hacked by the "internet of things"; and how GMOs may help slow the spread of Lyme disease.  We also look at top energy and environment stories, plus advances in indoor farming. 


  • David Brooks - reporter for the Concord Monitor and blogger at Granite Geek
  • Sam Evans-Brown -  host of NHPR's Outside/In, a show about the natural world and how we use it. 

The Science Cafe will discuss Cybersecurity on Wednesday, January 4, from 6-8pm at Killarney's Irish Pub in Nashua.  On Tuesday, Jan. 17, the Science Cafe will discuss electric cars at The Draft Sports Bar in Concord.    

Here's a link to the  Granite Geek blog, where you can read more about NH science topics and issues.

Listen to Outside/In podcasts you may have missed.

Show Highlights

Climate change and the rise in sea levels on NH's seacoast was a major news topic in 2016.  Sam Evans-Brown mentioned LIDAR maps as a resource for more information on the subject.  Here's a projection of  Great Bay with a flood elevation of nine feet.  Click on the link to visit the website for more maps and information.


Do you recall the contentious decision to allow hunting and trapping of bobcats in NH?


Here's a 90-second video explaining CRISPR: