Bills Aimed at Addressing Water Contamination Issues Go Before Lawmakers

Jan 24, 2017

Representative Mindi Messmer

A pair of bills aimed at addressing concerns over drinking water contamination went before lawmakers today.

The proposals come as several communities around the state grapple with emerging contaminants found in their water supplies.

One bill would establish a drinking water commission on the Seacoast to make long-term planning recommendations about water infrastructure and quality standards.

The other would require the Department of Environmental Services to establish stricter standards for emerging contaminants.

Both bills are sponsored by Democratic Representative Mindi Messmer of Rye.

Dozens of people turned out to testify in favor of the bills before the House committee on Resources, Recreation and Development. Alayna Davis’ son was exposed to high levels of PFCs at the former Pease Air Force base.

“I’m not in a position to wait, other families who have been exposed aren’t in a position to wait and see what happens. We need to take the stance now that we’re going to be proactive.”

Both bills have bipartisan support.