Bill Widening Access To Overdose Reversal Drug Heads To Governor | New Hampshire Public Radio

Bill Widening Access To Overdose Reversal Drug Heads To Governor

May 7, 2015

A bill allowing doctors to prescribe the overdose reversal drug Narcan may soon become law after the Senate passed the measure on Thursday.

If Governor Maggie Hassan signs off on the legislation– doctors across the state will be able to put Narcan in the hands of family, friends and users. Currently first responders and law enforcement are allowed to administer it.

The Governor would not say if she would back the bill but said she will closely review it.

Republican Andy Sanborn of Bedford says this bill is about saving lives.

“If someone does overdose they have about six minutes by which they either need to get care or they won’t be here tomorrow, so it is about making sure people get help so we can help them in the long term.”

Last year more than 320 people died from drug overdoses.

But Democrat Dan Feltes of Concord says he is concerned about how to regulate who can receive it.

“The clarity of the process of prescribing it and safety measures and clarity for doctors and patients, but it is certainly well intended; something along these lines is needed.”

The Senate also tabled a bill to repeal the state's 25-foot buffer zone around abortion clinics as well a bill redefining who qualifies for medical marijuana until next week.