Bill to Reorganize N.H. Department of Education Gets Committee Approval

Jan 9, 2018

Commissioner Edelblut spoke before the Senate Education Committee Tuesday morning.
Credit Jason Moon for NHPR

A bill that would reorganize the Department of Education got the approval of the Senate Education Committee Tuesday.

The bill would rename the department’s divisions and reshuffle some of the responsibilities between them.

It would also give the commissioner more power to make changes in the future, provided the changes are approved by legislators.

The bill comes as a request of Commissioner Frank Edelblut who says the current structure of the department doesn’t reflect what it actually does.

“I think the intent here was to give me the flexibility to operate and run the division, but just kind of make sure that you guys have a feedback loop so you know what’s going on and we can keep you in the loop.”

Last year, Edelblut’s efforts to reorganize the Department of Education received strong pushback from Democrats. This measure received unanimous, bipartisan support from the Senate Education Committee.