Big Changes, New Faces At N.H. State House Orientation

Nov 27, 2018

Lawmakers new and old new swarmed the New Hampshire State House Tuesday for orientation.

For those new to the State House, orientation week is a time to get one's bearings.

"I want a day up here when there are no committees so I can walk around, and say, 'Oh this is here, and that's there.'"

Newly-elected state reps Cassandra Levesque and Safiya Wazir at orientation at the statehouse.
Credit Josh Rogers for NHPR

For those not so new to Concord, this week is a time to adjust to new realities.

For Governor Chris Sununu, a big change is the GOP's loss of control in Concord. The governor smiled as he greeted the Democrats who will make many of the big decisions for the next two years, and kept his focus on what he says is a positive.

"I'm happy to not be introduced as the youngest governor anymore," he said. "I think I've earned my stripes."

Others, like Democrat Jackie Chretien, who will represent Manchester in the House, were eager to start making their mark.

"As a mom, as a person with a science background, as a young woman, I've always been saying we need more people who look like me in office," she said.

The new legislature will be sworn in next week.