The Best Books Hot off Indie Presses

Jul 17, 2012

Back-to-school season isn’t for another month-and-a-half, so there’s still plenty of time to knock another novel or two off your summer reading list.  For true bookworms with stored-vacation time and quiet spot to spend it, we’ve got a few belated small-press summer suggestions that might have slipped your radar. 

With us is Michele Filgate—freelance writer, critic, and independent bookseller at community bookstore in Brooklyn.  Here are her picks:

GLACIERS by Alexis M Smith

RADIO IRIS by Anne-Marie Kinney

DUD AVOCADO By Elaine Dundy

Also joining us is Steve Himmer. Steve is the author of the Bee-Loud Glade, and editor of the web journal Necessary Fiction. Here are his picks:

THE ISLANDS by Carlos Gamerro, trans. Ian Barnett (And Other Stories)

CITY OF BOHANE by Kevin Barry

TREASURE ISLAND!!! by Sara Levine

DOGMA by Lars Iyer

PARSIFAL by Jim Krusoe

ABBOTT AWAITS by Chris Bachelder

SO MUCH BETTER by Terri Griffith

VAULT by David Rose

And Jen Vafidis , deputy editor of the literary website Volume 1 Brooklyn.   Here are her picks:

I WANT YOU by Lisa Hanawalt

SLEEPLESS NIGHTS by Elizabeth Hardwick

ZAZEN by Vanessa Veselka