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Bernie Sanders Promises 'Political Revolution' in Plymouth

Sep 30, 2019


Bernie Sanders speaks to students and supporters at Plymouth State University.
Credit Sarah Gibson for NHPR

Vermont senator and presidential candidate Bernie Sanders is touting a vision of "political revolution" familiar to many voters who supported him in the 2016 primary.

On Sunday, Sanders promised a crowd at Plymouth State University that he would combat climate change, cancel student debt, legalize marijuana and overhaul the healthcare system with Medicare-for-all.

“When you think big, we can make transformative change,” he said.

He crediting his campaign in 2016 for recent progressive policy shifts across the country, including raising the minimum wage and making public universities free. 

Sanders said he hopes the House Democrats’ impeachment inquiry leads to an impeachment trial in the Senate.


Supporters at a rally for Senator Bernie Sanders at Plymouth State University.
Credit Sarah Gibson for NHPR

 “As a senator my job is to be a judge in that trial, and I will do my best to look at the facts as objectively as I can,” he said.

Fred Lapitino, sporting a t-shirt with a picture of him and Sanders in 2015, said he’s just as enthusiastic about Sanders as he was last primary season.  

“Other than the Trump factor, [Sanders’] policies have been the same for some 40 years, and that’s why I’ve always supported him and always will,” said Fred Lapitino. “Nothing against the other candidates now. They’re all pretty good, but they’re all riding on his coattails.”