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Berlin School Superintendent To Retire Amidst Budget Woes

Mar 11, 2019


Despite budget woes, Berlin superintendent Corinne Cascadden says the district has recently improved its academic performance.
Credit Sarah Gibson for NHPR

Corinne Cascadden, the Superintendent of Schools in Berlin, is stepping down this June. Cascadden served for over 20 years as an elementary school principal and for 10 years as superintendent.

She was an often outspoken critic of lawmakers in Concord over the issue of state education aid, which pays for much of Berlin's school budget.

This aid is declining annually, which Cascadden blames for the district's recent decision to close Brown Elementary, its last stand-alone elementary school.

The next superintendent will oversee the closure.

Cascadden says despite budget woes, the'yre making improvements, including adding full-day kindergarten, upgrading technology, and, for the first time since 1994, getting off the "needs improvement" list, which the state uses to flag struggling schools.