The Battle To Save The Bats

Jan 27, 2015

First the latest on impacts of the severe weather we’re seeing in the region, from roads to the power grid. Then, the battle to save the bats: we're talking with a UNH researcher about signs of resilience among bats, devastated by white-nose syndrome, and new findings about their immune systems that could lead to treatments for some human diseases.

Credit Marek Stefunko / Flickr/CC


  • Jeff Foster –  assistant professor of genetics at UNH. His research focuses include bats.
  • Kevin Olival - ecologist and evolutionary biologist who has been researching emerging infectious diseases for over a decade, with a strong focus on bat research.  

To hear just the bats segment:


  • Bill Boynton – spokesperson for the N.H. Department of Transportation.
  • Michael Todd  – public information officer for N.H.’s Dept of Homeland Security and Emergency Management.
  • Beth Dinan – reporter for Seacoast Online. She is in Portsmouth this morning covering the storm.
  • Martin Murray - spokesman for Public Service of New Hampshire

Listen here for just the storm segment: