Ban On Hand-Held Cellphone Use While Driving Heads To Governor's Desk

May 7, 2014

Credit Jim Legans via Flickr CC

A bill that would ban the use of hand-held cell phones while driving is headed to Governor Maggie Hassan’s desk, after the House passed the proposal this morning.

House lawmakers had already voted on the bill in March, but had to approve a change made by the Senate that requires the state to educate the public about the law.

If the bill becomes law, the ban would take effect in mid-2015, with the only exception being use during emergencies.

Drivers could still use hands-free phones or devices built into the vehicles, but would be restricted from the use of any hand-held phones, even when stopped at a red light.

Minors would be banned from any cell phone use while driving.

Those in violation would face a $100 fine for a first offense, a $250 fine for a second offense, and a $500 fine for third offense within a two-year period.

There are 12 states with similar laws, including Connecticut.

New Hampshire already bans texting while driving.