Ayotte: North Country Should Have "The Voice" In Northern Pass

Dec 15, 2012

Senator Kelly Ayotte says he North Country should have a major voice in what happens with the Northern Pass hydro-electric project.

Ayotte spoke about the project while in Pittsburg in the North Country on Friday for a town meeting.

NHPR’s Chris Jensen was there.

Pretty much the first issue raised with Sen. Kelly Ayotte was the Northern Pass project which – if approved – would probably cross the border near here.

“It seems to me you all should have the voice in this.”

Ayotte said it is necessary to protect the pristine nature of the North Country and backers of the project should study the possibility of burying transmission lines.

“They should have to look at burying it.”

However, Northern Pass, which is backed by Northeast Utilities, has said burying the lines would be too expensive.

Nonetheless, a state commission that studied burying such high-voltage lines concluded the practice is becoming more common around the country.

And state representative Larry Rappaport of nearby Colebrook has introduced a bill that would require burial.

For NHPR News this is Chris Jensen