Ayotte: John Kerry Has Experience To Be Secretary of State

Dec 14, 2012

During a visit to Pittsburg Friday for a town meeting, Sen. Kelly Ayotte said she thought fellow Senator John Kerry has the experience to be the next Secretary of State.

Earlier this week, U-N Ambassador Susan Rice withdrew her name from consideration after criticism over her response to the attack on the Libyan embassy. 

Ayotte had been highly critical of Rice.

“But I have great respect for John Kerry as chairman of the foreign relations committee. There is no question that he has substantial experience in foreign affairs,” Ayotte said after the formal, town meeting ended.

Kerry is a Democrat from Massachusetts.

About 150 people attended the meeting at which Ayotte also said the nation’s deficit was created by Democrats and Republicans and both sides need to cooperate to solve it.

A small group of protesters said they were worried about cuts to Social Security and Medicare.

Ayotte also said she was against raising taxes on those making more than $250,000 a year, insisting it would hurt small businesses.

Several protesters disputed that.

Pittsburg has just over 800 residents and is at the northern end of the North Country.