Ayotte Airs First TV Ad in Senate Race Against Hassan

Feb 29, 2016

Three weeks after the First in the Nation Presidential Primary, nine months before the November election, and New Hampshire is already on to a new round of political ads.

It began today with a 30-second spot from Sen. Kelly Ayotte, which features her 11-year-old daughter, Kate.

"Mom helps with homework," Kate says, behind video of mother and daughter going one-on-one on a basketball court. "She helped Dad start his business. And she even fought to put bad guys in jail. Now, Mom helps make laws that help people – especially when they need it most. I'm really proud of her."

The new ads are scheduled to run for the next 10 days in the Boston, Burlington, Vt., and Portland, Me., markets, at a cost of $300,000 according to the campaign. A "five-figure" purchase of online ads targeting New Hampshire voters is also planned.

The light, positive tone is a contrast to what's expected to be a fierce re-election campaign against Democratic Gov. Maggie Hassan. The two candidates are already engaged in a volley of negative attacks and counter-attacks, including an ongoing feud over a "people's pledge" to limit the involvement of super PACs and other outside groups in the race.   

This is the first ad by either campaign, although outside groups have already aired close to $2 million in TV and digital ads, most of them on Ayotte's behalf.