Appraising the Property Tax

Mar 2, 2012

New Hampshire communities have long depended on it to fund government services and schools. Over the years that reliance has grown, as state funding has abated. The tax is often lauded for enhancing local control but criticized for over burdening those on fixed incomes.  We’ll look at these arguments both in this state and nationally.


  • Steve Norton - Executive Director of the New Hampshire Center for Public Policy Studies.
  • Jane Malme - Lincoln Institute of Land Policy Fellow. He's also  an attorney who studies, teaches and advises on property tax policy, law and administration in the U.S. and internationally.

We'll also hear from

  • Dave Thompson - Radio News Director of  Prairie Public Radio in Bismarck North Dakota 

Click here to read the report from the New Hampshire Center for Public Policy Studies on property taxes and how much local governments rely on property taxes for municipal services.