Anti-Gambling Group Pushes Back Against Senate Plan For Two Casinos

Mar 31, 2014

Three weeks after claiming lawmakers had driven a stake through the heart of the gambling industry, anti-gambling activists are again raising alarm -- over a new casino proposal.

The bill to allow two casinos cleared the senate last week. 

Its backers hope the addition of $25 million in revenue sharing to communities across the state will help it do what no casino plan has ever done – win passage in the New Hampshire house.

But Concord businessman Steve Duprey, spokesman for Casino Free New Hampshire,  says this latest bill also deserves to fail, because revenue sharing can’t be guaranteed going forward.

But problems are sure to come.

“It will cannibalize existing businesses. It has the crime, addiction social costs. It doesn’t raise that much revenue. Every state that’s done casinos gets more addicted.”

Polls show a majority of Granite Staters back a casino and supporters say it would bring needed revenue to the state.

Governor Maggie Hassan favors bringing a single casino to southern New Hampshire,  which the current legislature has now rejected twice.