Analysis Points to 2 Conflicts of Interest in N.H.

Dec 6, 2017

Credit Dan Tuohy / NHPR

 An analysis of financial disclosure forms and legislative records highlights two possible conflicts of interest in New Hampshire.

The Center for Public Integrity and The Associated Press analyzed disclosure reports filed nationwide in 2015 and found numerous examples of lawmakers who introduced and supported legislation that helped their own businesses, employers or personal finances.

State Rep. Bart Fromuth, a Bedford Republican, sponsored legislation to repeal the state's renewable portfolio standard, which applies to some of his consulting firm's clients. But he says because he also sells renewable energy credits, repealing the standard would hurt him financially.

Former Rep. Joe Lachance, a Manchester Republican, sponsored legislation to expand medical marijuana laws. He listed himself as owner of a cannabis consulting business on his disclosure, but says he never opened the business, just registered the name.