Ambassador Scott Brown Accepts Advice to be More 'Culturally Aware'

Oct 25, 2017

Scott Brown
Credit Allegra Boverman/NHPR

 WELLINGTON, New Zealand (AP) — U.S. Ambassador Scott Brown has told a New Zealand website he accepted advice that he should be more culturally aware after a U.S. inquiry into his conduct at a Peace Corps event in Samoa.

The Stuff website says Brown acknowledged complaints were made about his comments to a female food server at the event and to guests upon his arrival in the Pacific country in July. Stuff reported that Brown told the server she could make hundreds of dollars as a waitress in America and that some guests were beautiful.

Brown is a former U.S. Senator and state senator from Massachusetts. He moved to Rye, N.H., at his long-time second home, and ran unsuccessfully for U.S. Senate in New Hampshire in 2014. He was an early supporter of Donald Trump. He has served as an ambassador since June. 

The embassy said Brown would not comment further about the issue.