A.G.'s Office Focused on Removing Carfentanil From N.H.

May 10, 2017

The New Hampshire Attorney General’s Office says its staff is working around the clock to get the powerful synthetic opioid Carfentanil off the streets.

Cases of Carfentanil in the state have increased from three to roughly a dozen in the past month.

Carfentanil was designed as an elephant tranquilizer; a deadly human dosage is as tiny as a snowflake.

That’s one of the reasons the New Hampshire Department of Justice is taking the lead on all Carfentanil cases in the state.

"The biggest question first is: Where did this Carfentanil come from?," said Ben Agati, who's a senior attorney within the department’s drug unit. "The person who purchased it, where did they get it from and then where did that person get it from to see if we have one or multiple sources?”

So far only a few people have been charged in Carfentanil related crimes. But the A.G.’s Office says it is taking a zero tolerance stance on anyone found with the drug.