Aging, Climate Change Threaten Wastewater and Dam Infrastructure

Mar 7, 2017

A continuation of our series on New Hampshire infrastructure: wastewater and dam structures are old, crumbling, and vulnerable to severe weather. Intense storms, flooding, and drought have all contributed to the damage, and many of our dams and underground pipes are over 100 years old. We'll discuss the challenges with tackling this problem, including lack of funding, and stricter regulation requirements.


  • John Boisvert - Chief Engineer at Pennichuck Water and a Commissioner at the Water Sustainability Commission. 
  • Jim Gallagher - Chief Engineer at the N.H. Department of Environmental Services. 
  • Fred McNeill - Chief Engineer at the Environmental Protection Division of the City of Manchester.

Photos of damage to property resulting from water infrastructure failures in New Hampshire:
Water main break in Manchester.
Credit Fred McNeill / City of Manchester
Sinkhole on I93 North in 2015.
Credit Fred McNeill / City of Manchester
Property and road damage following Hurricane Irene in 2011.
Credit Fred McNeill / City of Manchester