AG Questions Hospital CEO Pay

Jul 2, 2012

A new report finds that CEOs at New Hampshire's nonprofit hospitals saw their pay increase by an average of 18 percent from 2006 to 2009. 

The report CEO pay varies widely. An the low end, Colebrook’s  Upper Connecticut Valley Hospital pays its CEO 150,000. At the high end, the leader of the Catholic Medical Center in Manchester pulled down about a million dollars in 2009.  The salary report was commissioned by Attorney General Michael Delaney. He says while the report found hospital CEO pay here is on par for the region,

"There should be a stronger correlation between CEO wages and the completion of the charitable mission of our non-profit hospitals."

The NH Center for Public Policy Studies conducted the report, which found the bulk of local non-profit hospitals meet the IRS’s standards for executive pay.  But the report also notes that pay for hospital CEO’s in NH is rising far faster than private sector wages, and that there is no apparent connection between a hospital CEO’s pay and the cost or quality of care.