AG Offers Guidance for N.H.'s 'Laurie List,' Officers in Misconduct Cases

May 1, 2018

New Hampshire's Attorney General, Gordon MacDonald, issued new guidance for police officers on the so-called Laurie List.
Credit NHPR File Photo

New Hampshire's attorney general says the names of police officers investigated on suspicion of misconduct won't be added to a confidential state list if the allegations aren't supported.

Attorney General Gordon MacDonald said Monday two recent state supreme court decisions made clear that officers are entitled to due process regarding their placement on and removal from what was formerly known as the "Laurie List."

MacDonald said officers' names won't be added to the list while they are under investigation. But officers must tell prosecutors in any case in which they may be a witness that they are under investigation.

The list was named after a 1993 Supreme Court case. It said prosecutors have to disclose to defendants any known credibility problems pertaining to officers poised to testify against them.