AG Investigates N.H. Judge for Alleged Misconduct

Mar 13, 2018

The New Hampshire Attorney General's office is investigating allegations that Judge Paul Moore submitted fake information for a review.
Credit NHPR File Photo

A New Hampshire circuit court judge has been suspended without pay because of allegations that he submitted fake evaluations of his job performance.


Judge Paul Moore sits on the Nashua District Court. He has been on leave since last year.


According to documents released yesterday, Moore interfered with the evaluation system the state courts use to assess the performance of judges, in order to boost his own score.


Records show that Moore acknowledged he filled out numerous surveys, giving himself perfect scores in the annual review, but he falsely claimed that those reviews were submitted anonymously by others. 


In a letter to the state Judicial Conduct Committee, Moore says he developed an "unhealthy obsession" with the evaluation process and suffered anxiety as a result.


A hearing on Moore's behavior is scheduled for May. State Supreme Court Chief Justice Linda Dalianis has also asked the attorney general's office to investigate the matter.