After Failed Confirmation, Hassan Puts Forth Another Superior Judge Nominee

Dec 16, 2015


Credit s_falkow via Flickr Creative Commons

 Governor Hassan has nominated Manchester Attorney David Ruoff as Superior Court justice, after three Republican councilors blocked the confirmation Manchester attorney, Dorothy Graham.

Chris Sununu, who is running for Governor, argued Graham’s twenty years as a Public Defender made her unqualified to be a judge.  The councilors stood by their decision despite vocal pushback from the legal community.

Now, Hassan has put forward David Ruoff.  As for whether he will pass muster, Sununu says he’s not sure how her confirmation will pan out. “I don’t know him I don’t know his background too much,” says Sununu, “I mean we’ll go through the process it’s all very new.”

Like Graham, Ruoff began his career in NH as a public defender. However, he has since worked as a prosecutor, and for the Attorney General. Now, he’s a private litigator.

Ruoff’s law partner Mark Howard was nominated and confirmed to the Superior Court bench last month.