In Addition To Saint-Gobain, 43 Companies In N.H. Have Used Perfluorinated Chemicals

May 6, 2016

At Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics, an employee manipulates glass thread, which is woven into fabric and dipped in PTFE, a dispursion containing perflurochemicals, and also used in Teflon.
Credit Emily Corwin / NHPR

Saint-Gobain is not the only company using perfluorinated compounds in New Hampshire. New Hampshire’s Department of Environmental Services has identified 44 companies in the state that likely use or once used this water-contaminating compound in their products.

Perfluorinated compounds include PFOA, found earlier this year at Saint-Gobain’s Performance Plastics plant in Merrimack, and PFOS, found two years ago in well water on the former Pease Air Force base.

The companies are located across the state, and include Texas Instruments in Merrimack; Foss Manufacturing in Hampton, Sealpro in Manchester, and Sturm Ruger in Newport.  

DES has alerted all of the companies, and is surveying most for addition information. In the meantime, says spokesperson Jim Martin, the state is testing water for contamination at a few sites about which they have specific concerns.

DES posted the list online, Friday. It was published as an act of transparency, says Martin. The department does not assume all of the companies are sources of contamination. 

Map: The concentration of facilities using PFCs in New Hampshire (see caption for detail)

This map illustrates the locations of New Hampshire facilities the state has identified as using (or as likely to have used) PFCs
Credit NHPR Digital via CartoDB


NH DES List Of Companies By Town: