9.8.14: Is Social Media Making The Israel-Palestine Conflict Worse & A 'Twitch' Primer

Sep 8, 2014

Credit Geoff Jones via flickr Creative Commons

Israelis and Palestinians recently agreed to a cease fire, but while the conflict may be on hold in Gaza, it continues to erupt online.  On today’s show: from Hitler hashtags to Facebook groups seeking revenge on Hamas, is social media trolling, stoking Israeli-Palestinian tensions? 

Then, late last month Amazon bought the online video platform “Twitch” for nearly one-hundred million dollars-- we’ll find out why the streaming service is such a hot commodity and why people would want to watch someone else play videogames in the first place.

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Trolling a Conflict

The Newbie's Guide to Twitch

Watch live video from AmazHS on Twitch

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The Indiana Jones of Math

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  • This story was funded as part of the PRX STEM story project made possible by the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation

Off the Leash: Finding a Place in the Dog Park

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