9.1.14: The Job Show

Sep 1, 2014

Credit Adam Fagen via flickr Creative Commons

 This is a re-broadcast of the Job Show which originally aired on April 9, 2014.

Johnny Paycheck famously sang, “Take This Job and Shove It.” In this economy? Not so fast. Today’s Word of Mouth is all about jobs.

Find out what happens when salary negotiations go a step too far, plus, a wholly unglamorous portrait of a freelance writer trying to make it in the big city. We’ll also talk to someone who has a very unique job: the official sketch artist for the Supreme Court.

Listen to the full show and Read more for individual segments.

Can You Negotiate Your Way to a Higher Salary?

  • Slate education columnist Rebecca Schuman tells the alleged story of a woman who tried to negotiate for higher pay during a job offer, only to have it rescinded.
  • Maggie Mistal is a career consultant and joins us to discuss the practical aspects of negotiating for salary.

Living the Freelance Life

  • Nicole Dieker, is a freelance writer who covers freelance life for thebillfold.com. Each month, she posts about jobs she gets and how much she earns, she’s going to give us a peek inside the life of a freelance writer.

"Why Women Don't Ask for More Money"

  • Ashley Milne-Tyte of Planet Money brings us into the corporate office to find out what lies beneath the income gap between men and women.

Unique Occupation: Courtroom Sketch Artist

  • Art Lien is a sketch artist whose main beat is the Supreme Court. He is also a frequent contributor to the SCOTUS Blog. You can follow him and his courtroom drawings--plus non-court related drawings--on Twitter @courtartist.
  • Check out a slide show of Art's work right here.

Paid to Quit

  • We wrap up our jobs show with the true story of a company that offers its employees a hefty sum of money to quit…before they’ve even started. Stacy Vaneck Smith reports for Freakonomics Radio.
  • We've compiled the greatest workplace freakout scenes here.

We leave you today with a little Johnny Paycheck.