9.03.15: A Global History Of Sex Education & The Trouble With Eyewitness Testimony | New Hampshire Public Radio

9.03.15: A Global History Of Sex Education & The Trouble With Eyewitness Testimony

Sep 3, 2015

As schools across the country struggle to meet the new national common core standards, one controversial aspect of education is not part of the curriculum: sex education. On today’s show: the evolving debate around sex ed, and why it’s not strictly an American phenomenon. Plus, from false confessions to inadequate defenses, wrongful convictions can happen for many reasons. We’ll look at faulty eyewitness testimonies, the number one contributing cause of wrongful convictions.

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A Global History of Sex Education

Jonathan Zimmerman is Professor of Education and History at New York University and author of a new book that investigates sex education:  Too Hot to Handle: A Global History of Sex Education.

The Birds, The Bees, and A Very Bizarre Sex Ed Lesson

The Word of Mouth team share their experience with Sex Ed, and one member of the team wins the prize for most bizarre experience.

The Trouble With Eyewitness Testimony

Charlotte Silver looked into the accuracy of eyewitness testimonies for Vice and found that misidentifications have long been a central player in wrongful convictions. "When Eyewitness Testimony Goes Horribly Wrong."

The Sisters Fox

A historical tale of how our eyes, ears, and good sense can fail us. This story of the Sisters Fox, two adolescent girls who pranked their way into the center of the spiritualism movement in 19th century America comes to us from producer Nate Dimeo’s podcast The Memory Palace.

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