8.24.14: The New Retirement, Korean Cool, & The Future Of Clowns

Aug 24, 2014

Credit cogdogblog via Flickr CC

  Last week, the Federal Reserve released a startling statistic: one in five people nearing retirement age have no money saved for it. On today’s show we pose the question: have we reached the end of retirement? Plus, forget the fashion of New York City, London’s music scene, and the bright lights of Tokyo. Why South Korea may become the coolest place on the planet. 

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The New Retirement

  • Virginia Prescott talks about retirement with Intern and 'Young Invincible' Molly Donahue, Producer and 'late-Millenial' Taylor Quimby and Senior ProducerMaureen McMurray who represents 'Gen-Y'.
  • There's a rising trend of older Americans hitting the road in search of low-wage jobs across the county, instead of retiring like their parents did. Jessica Bruder wrote about what happens when you can't afford to stop working for Harper's, "The End of Retirement."

Riding the Wave of Korean Cool

If You Liked Snowpiercer, Check Out These Other Korean Films

The Sound of Sports

  • Sound design is expected in filmmaking, but it's also an important part of televised sporting events. Producer Peregrine Andrews, brings us the story of the crucial role of sound in televised sports. 
  • You can listen to Andrews' full documentary over at Roman Mars99% Invisible.

The Future of Clowns

  •  Is there any truth to the impending clown shortage? Leigh Cowart traveled to a clown convention to find out for herself. Her article “Don’t Be Afraid Of The Clowns” appeared on Buzzfeed.  
  • Leigh also spoke with us about the passing of Robin Williams