8.12.15: America's Rocky Relationship with Canada & Catholics at Jamestown

Aug 12, 2015

At 5,525 miles, the US and Canadian border is the longest and friendliest in the world, but the long relationship between the two nations is not without conflict. Today, a history of US-Canadian skirmishes and why a war between neighbors isn’t out of the question. Then, with immigration a focal point in the presidential primary circuit, a commentator takes a tongue in cheek look at the rarely talked about immigration crisis that’s playing out north of the border. Plus, researchers in Virginia may be turning a long held belief about early America on its head. 

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War Plan Red

It turns out that there have been a few scrapes and some bad blood between the rowdy US and its polite northern neighbor, Canada. Kevin Lippert is the author of War Plan Red: the United States’ Secret Plan to Invade Canada and Canada’s Secret Plan to Invade the United States.

North of the Border

Immigration reform has a prominent place in every presidential candidates stump speech this primary season. And while all eyes are on Mexico, one commentator would like to take this opportunity to draw your attention to our northern neighbor. Bill Curry is a columnist for Salon and has served as a Connecticut State Senator, public policy lawyer and was counselor to the Clinton White House, where he worked as a domestic strategist. 

A Canadian Vacation

In 1943, while the US was embroiled in World War II, FDR traveled to the Canadian side of Lake Huron for an eight-day fishing trip. Rumors persist as to what he was doing up there - meeting with a mistress? conferring with Winston Churchill? - but Justin Bull brought us the true story. 

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Secret Catholics at Jamestown

James Horn is the president and chief officer at the Jamestown Rediscovery Foundation where researchers may have discovered proof of an underground community of Catholics who pretended to be Protestants in early America.