7.05.16: Dangers of Public Wi-Fi, The Postdoc Glut, & America's Only Water Sommelier

Jul 5, 2016

These days just about every coffee shop, bookstore, and restaurant touts offers free wi-fi to its customers - but at what cost? Today, we'll find out the hidden dangers of public wi-fi.

Later, the road to become a professional wine sommelier is tough – it’s filled with endless taste-tests, and requires an expansive understanding of geography, and an incredibly sensitive palate. But how exactly does one become a water sommelier? We'll meet America's only one and talk about his restaurant, which features a 44-page water menu.

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The Dangers of Public Wi-Fi

Rob Fleischman, Principle Engineer at Akamai (and our Chief Explainer of All-Things-Wired) warns listeners about the dangers of public Wi-Fi, and offers tips on how to keep your digital information from being spied on, or stolen.

The Postdoc Glut

Carolyn Johnson is a science reporter for the Boston Globe where we found her article, “Glut of Postdoc Researchers Stirs Quiet Crisis in Science.”

The Sizzle

Humans are pretty visual creatures - a fact that advertisers use to try and lure us in with brightly colored billboards and vivid online ads.  But don't be fooled - our other senses can be used for marketing purposes too. This story by producer Katie Mingle, from 99% Invisible, breaks down how brands define themselves with sound.

You can listen to this story again at 99% Invisible.org

America's Only Water Sommelier

Martin Riese is America’s only water sommelier, he’s also the general manager at Ray’s and Stark Bar at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art which boasts a 44-page water menu. Virginia spoke with him in 2014 and we did a tasting of our own with Martin's recommendations, you can listen in and see the results at this link.

Does Mozart Make Babies Smarter?

For years, the fact that classical music helps little brains grow and develop has been common knowledge. It appears in books about raising kids, comes from other parents, and spurs sales of CDs with names like “Bach For Babies.” But is it actually solid advice? We spoke with Jayson Greene who wrote the article “Mozart Makes You Smarter…And Other Dubious Musical Theories."

Here's Jayson Greene's playlist for little minds: Beethoven to Beyonce: Can Music Really Make Babies Smarter? 

StoryCorps: Wil and Olivia Smith

We can't say for certain that classical music increases IQ, but we can sure that no form of music can replace the value of a solid education. For one man, getting that education meant going back to school at the age of twenty-seven.  But he wasn't just older than most of his classmates - he also brought his infant daughter along for the ride.  Wil Smith - and no, we’re not talking about the movie star - spoke with his daughter, Olivia - now all grown up -  for StoryCorps.

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