6.24.15: Trolls, Back to the Future & Gray Hair

Jun 24, 2015

Internet trolls – they shame, threaten, bully…and help sell ads!  A researcher infiltrates a trolling network and the cycle of harassment. Plus, we celebrate the 30th anniversary of back to the future, the billion dollar film franchise that repurposed the Delorian, reinvented time travel, and gave us the hoverboard. And from Rihanna to lady gaga – dyed gray hair is a hot fashion trend. Feminist statement or a passing fad? 

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Internet Trolls

These days we associate all reprehensible behavior on the internet as being “trollish” but as Whitney Phillips discovered, trolls are a much more complicated denizen of the internet, and we’re all guilty of feeding them. Whitney Phillips lectures in communications at Humboldt University, and her new book is called This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things: Mapping The Relationship Between Online Trolling And Mainstream Culture

Distance Dance Instruction

The internet has transformed classroom education around the world – for students of all ages, in a variety of disciplines. In Minneapolis, the Cowles Center for Dance is doing something unusual – offering dance instruction to rural schools by video conference.  Producer Dylan Peers McCoy brought us the story.

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We Don't Need Roads

  On July 3rd, 1985 a summer blockbuster released in theaters that changed popular notions of time travel and made a weird looking car with gull wing doors a cultural icon. Back to the Future would go on to be the highest grossing film of the year, spawn two sequels, create a billion dollar franchise and even inspire a musical which opens in London next year.Caseen Gaines wrote a behind the scenes look at the Back to the Future trilogy called We Don’t Need Roads and joined us to fill us in on the making of a pop culture icon.

The Rise of Gray Hair

From regular salon visits to home hair coloring treatments, women have gone to great lengths to hide the grays. That was before a surprising trend now emerging among models, Hollywood starlets, and fashionistas: granny hair. Alex Ronan’s wrote about the rise of “gray hair, don’t care” for Slate.

The Man Behind Hair Pieces

Hair loss can be traumatizing for those who experience it – often secretly (or in the case of a mad comb over, rarely discussed in public). Still, there is someone that many people trust with their intimate hair choices – wig and hair-piece designer Richard Theodore.  Ellen Payne Smith has the story.

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