6.11.14: Happy Spending, Tinkering Kids, And The Weird History Of Scarecrows | New Hampshire Public Radio

6.11.14: Happy Spending, Tinkering Kids, And The Weird History Of Scarecrows

Jun 11, 2014

Credit ninahale via Flickr Creative Commons

The old adage goes, “money can’t buy you happiness”, but maybe you’re just not spending it right. From paying for experiences to spending on others, we'll look at the science of smarter, happier spending. Plus, parents prepare! The end of the school year is nigh. For those looking for ways to get kids off their screens and outside this summer, fear not, we have just the activities in mind. Then, the surprisingly fascinating history of the scarecrow.

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Happy Spending

Elizabeth Dunn is a rising star in the field of behavioral science. She co-authored the book Happy Money: the Science of Happier Spending with Michael Norton. The book presents new research proposing that if money can’t buy happiness, you must not be spending it right.

A Last Frame

Nancy Klingener brings us the story of one 94-year-old who may be bowling her last season with her candlepin team in Falmouth, Massachusetts.

Tinkering Kids

Jessica Lahey writes about education and parenting for the New York Times, the Atlantic, and on her website “Coming of Age in the Middle.” Her article for the Motherlode blog offers “A Big Pile of Fantastic Ideas to Get Kids Outside Making and Doing This Summer.”

The History of the Scarecrow

Lori Rotenberk is a Chicago based journalist who wrote the article “Hay Man: The Curious Life and Times of Scarecrows” for Modern Farmer.

Crow Hunting

Crows may be considered one of nature’s smartest birds, but they also have nasty reputation for eating crops and preying on songbirds. Perhaps that's why some people have decided to take the situation into their own hands. Sean Hurley brings us the little known story of crow hunting in New Hampshire.