4.23.14: The Brain Sell, Sandra Bernhard, & The Search For The Next Dog Star | New Hampshire Public Radio

4.23.14: The Brain Sell, Sandra Bernhard, & The Search For The Next Dog Star

Apr 23, 2014

Credit thebrainsell.com, Jason Burrows via flickr Creative Commons, Sandra Bernhardvia plymouth.edu & Aubrey Nelson / NHPR

Big congratulations to Word of Mouth's own Zach Nugent for his Murrow Award! Hear an encore of Zach's adorable story, plus so much more on today's show. We explore The Brain Sell, a new book about how our consumption decisions are influenced by retailers. Then, the safety pin is more than a mundane fastener - it's a staple in punk fashion and history. Sandra Bernhard joins us to talk about her show Sandyland. Finally, NHPR's Sam Evans-Brown takes into the world of New Hampshire's wolf dogs, blurring the line between domestic and wild.

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The Brain Sell

The Punk Rock History of the Safety Pin

  • Writer Ted Kulczycky is a contributor to Worn Fashion Journal. His article “Safety Dance: How The Safety Pin Became A Revolutionary Fashion Accessory” was published in The Worn Archive anthology.

Sandra Bernhard's Sandyland

Zach's Winning Soundpiece!

  • A big congratulations to our own Zach Nugent for winning an Edward R. Murrow award for best feature reporting! Check out the adorable story on auditions for Annie's Sandy here.

NH Wolf Dogs

  • As NHPR’s Sam Evans-Brown reports, a population of abandoned wolf dogs prompted this latest look at an animal that falls squarely in the grey area between wild and tame.