4.22.14: Drug Tourism, History Of Ice Cubes, Heartbleed & The Americans

Apr 22, 2014

Credit Ayahuasca in San Francisco and Mike Newton via flickr Creative Commons, via onthemedia.org & facebook.com/theamericans

Ahhh. We finally have a week full of warmer temps. What better way to spend your afternoon work break walk than with Word of Mouth? Pop in your earbuds and turn it up; today's show heats up, cools down, and explores real-life risks of the internet and a scandal relived through television.

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Drug Tourism

  • Writer Christine Sismondo traveled to Peru to experience this growing industry for herself and wrote about it for The Smart Set. And, a quick note to parents and sensitive listeners – we in no way endorse using drugs, but we are going to be hearing a firsthand account of an experience in a place where they are legal and part of a long cultural tradition.

History of Ice Cubes

TLDR: Taking Heartbleed Head On

  • The online bug “Heartbleed” created a massive security hole and sent throngs of people scrambling to change their passwords, sparking paranoia along the way. Now we bring you a story from the TLDR podcast, about a man who boldly stared Heartbleed in the face, and posted his online passwords for the whole world to see.

The Americans' Oliver North

  • Producers of The Americans developed a contra plot with none other than Oliver North, the former Marine Corps Lieutenant Colonel and National Security Council aide who was a central figure in The Iran-Contra Scandal. (North even gets a story credit on tonight’s episode.) He is currently a conservative political commentator and television host who still incites partisan passions 30 years after the scandal. David Itzkoff, culture reporter for the New York Times, wrote the article “Oliver North, Now In The Service Of TV’s KGB”.