3.6.14: Daylight Saving Time, Marissa Nadler, Revolving Doors, Wood & Animal Tracking

Mar 6, 2014

Credit Leo Reynolds via flickr Creative Commons

Word of Mouth wishes you a happy Daylight Saving Time! (Can you believe it's this Sunday already?) But why exactly does the practice of changing our clocks even exist? We explore the ins and outs of Daylight Saving (without the extra "s") with a guest who wrote the book on it. Then Zach Nugent talks with Marissa Nadler whose most recent album was released in early February. We take an architectural turn with a look at the invention of revolving doors followed by a hot architectural commodity: wood. Finally, producers Logan Shannon and Sam Evans-Brown bring us a story about a wild winter activity. No, not skiing or boarding, but animal tracking.

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Daylight Saving Time

Marissa Nadler

  • Zach Nugent talks with singer-songwriter Marissa Nadler whose new album July was released February 4th. The Boston Globe described her voice as “an intoxicating soprano drenched in gauzy reverb that hits bell-clear heights, lingers, and tapers off like rings of smoke."

99% Invisible: Revolving Doors


  • What structures are pushing the frontiers of engineering today? To answer that question, 21st century architects are looking back, and opting for a more primitive material: wood. Clay Risen joined Taylor Quimby to talk about his article for Popular Science, “The World’s Most Advanced Building Material is… Wood.”

Winter Wildlife Tracking

  • And we shift from manufactured wood, to the real kind, found in nature. Word of mouth heads to the forests of Barrington, New Hampshire to track animals. Across the state this week, nighttime-low temps have been dipping below zero. Well, we want to turn that frown upside down and make you embrace the last days of winter. NHPR’s environment and education reporter Sam Evans-Brown and Producer Logan Shannon bring us this story about animal tracking.