3.3.15: Making Decisions About Vaccination, The Myth Of Super Foods, & Listerine's Origin Story

Mar 3, 2015

Credit VCU Tompkins-McCaw Library Special Collections / flic.kr/p/27g6S7

An overwhelming majority of medical researchers and pediatricians advocate for vaccinating kids. Vocal anti-vaxxers include celebrities Jenny McCarthy and Rob Schneider. On today’s show we’ll find out why women are more likely to distrust doctors and go anti-vax.

Plus, we’ll bust some of the myths behind anti-oxidant rich super foods, and find out how advertisers turned Listerine into a cure-all – and virtually created the concept of bad breath.

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Don't Blame Parents For Vaccine Resistance

Apothecary Museum Offers Time Capsule Of Early American Medicine

  • The Stabler-Leadbeater apothecary museum in Old Town Alexandria, just outside D.C. is a fully preserved 19th century pharmacy that lets visitors take a step back in medical time. Lauren Ober spoke to the museum curator Callie Stapp, and brings us this story.
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The Myth of Super Foods

Gentrifying Acai

  • Early in the acai boom, reporter Kelley Weiss reported from Brazil on the local fruit that burst onto the global market.
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Listerine's Origin Story

Global Hygiene Habits

The Mind Reader

  • Our next story is about one of the people who can look inside your brain: a healthcare worker, who would rather be playing music. Joshua McNichols produces the podcast Day Job.
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