3.22.15: The New Prison Work Programs, Gross Solutions To Serious Problems, & Misophonia

Mar 20, 2015

Macro shot of a Crunchie candy bar.
Credit Logan Shannon / NHPR

When you hear about prison work programs, you think license plates or chain gangs – not farm-raised Tilapia, or buffalo milk cheese. On today’s show, artisanal foods and other the under-the-radar products made by prisoners for next to nothing.

Plus, a project aims to solve two global problems by turning sewage into drinkable water, and why revulsion may prevent it from becoming a reality. 

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From Prison to Table


Prison Doulas

  • Shaunnah Ray brings us this story about the Birth Attendants-Prison Doula Project, who work with the Washington Correctional Center for Women in Olympia Washington.
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Serious Problems, Gross Solutions


Maggots are our Friends

  • Here’s something that just about every American will agree is disgusting: the maggot.   And yet, no matter how repulsive, maggots play an important part in the ecosystem. ProducerPaula Kahumbu explains why we should think of maggots as our friends. 
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A Doctor Shares His Struggle With Misophonia

  • Dr. Barron Lerner a primary care physician, author and professor at NYU wrote about his experience suffering with misophonia for the New York Times Well blog: "Please Stop Making That Noise!"
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It's Time For an Easier Way to Watch Television

  • Boston Globe TV critic Ty Burr has had it with all the add-on boxes and passwords and remotes required to turn the television on, never mind chase down shows he wants to watch. You can read his article: "Time to Put TV Back in the Box?" at the Boston Globe.