3.11.15: Censoring Sex-ed On Social Media, In Defense Of Online Relationships, & Good Gig

Mar 11, 2015

Credit Koshy Koshy | Sea Turtle via flickr Creative Commons / Birds: flic.kr/p/cdLdas | Bees: flic.kr/p/dgg8w4

Social media sites are teeming with sexual imagery, jokes, and questionable content. Yet their official policies prevent sex-ed organizations from crafting a message that might actually resonate with the people who need it.

On today’s show, are social media sites censoring sex-ed?  Plus, our series Good Gig continues with a lighting pro who’s illuminated everything from Olympic ceremonies to Super Bowl half-time shows.  

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Censoring Sex-ed on Social Media

  • Amber Madison is a sex columnist for Men’s Fitness and Seventeen as well as therapist, author and lecturer on sex education. She looked into what is and isn’t permitted on social media when it comes to sex-ed.
  • Amber has started a Change.org petition to encourage Facebook and other social media sites to stop censoring sexual health information. You can read more about the petition at this link.

In Defense of Online Only Relationships

StoryCorps: Triple Blind Date

  • In 1950, Gayle Burton was going to nursing school when she went on a dreaded triple blind date. She had no idea she was about to meet her husband to be, a college student named Frank Newby.  A few years ago, they told their first encounter for StoryCorps.
  • You can listen to this story again at PRX.org.

Good Gig: Lighting Designer* Laura Frank

  • Laura Frank is our Good Gig guest this week, and she has a pretty great gig, creating stunning visual displays and illumination for everything from major concerts to Olympic ceremonies, to comedy specials, to Broadway openings.
  • You can find out more at this link.

The Boogie Man of Ocean Point

  • The town outcast, it seems every small community has one. But like Boo Radley, these pariahs are often misunderstood, as producer Galen Koch discovered for herself.
  • You can listen to this story again at PRX.org.